Baba Yaga

Daily Superpowers

Get your daily cycle superpower. All you have to do is track your last period.

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Moon Wisdom

Get daily tips, cycle phase profiles & moon phase updates. Crave ancestral wisdom in your busy life? Your inner moon cycle is here to guide you.

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Health Tracking

Track & analyze your menstrual health data. Wanna take control of your menstrual health? Start noticing and being present with your body's signals.

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Don’t just take our word for it.

Here’s what happy Baba Yaga users say:

I’ve been using the Baba Yaga app for about 6 months as a test user. I am so impressed by how well the app knows me from such a short period of time. It is very accurate to let me know when my next cycle is coming and when I am ovulating. My favourite part is the superpowers! It is so accurate, and I always listen to the advice the superpower section gives me (my favourite ones are when it tells me to take a nap or wear sweatpants 😂) Thanks so much for creating this wonderful app! I struggle with PMDD and this app has made me handle my symptoms so much better.


There aren’t many period apps that are not pink. I really appreciate that the Baba Yaga’s design feels so light and airy. I can track what I want, I don’t get messages reminding me that my period is overdue and the superpowers are really helping me overcome my issues with my period in general. I kinda love it. Plus, the team is really super-open to my feedback and makes changes quickly.


I feel like I finally found a useful app! Super straightforward to use, fun & simple designs and I love love love the analysis part. The app tells me what I actually need to know!


It’s so good that I don’t even wanna use the other apps anymore…


Every menstruator deserves to feel empowered by their hormones, not burdened.