Living With Your Cycle

A masterclass for busy wom*n

Photo by  Alexander Suhorucov from Pexels
Photo by Alexander Suhorucov from Pexels

Do you ever get overwhelmed by weird mood or productivity changes that you just can’t explain? Like, everything went great yesterday, why am I so stressed / spaced / unproductive today?

Or do you suffer from PMS, cramping, or heavy periods? And do you have an otherwise successful - albeit very busy - life with which these annoying & painful cycle issues just interfere negatively?

I have been where you are…

I was working a decent job, maintaining an active social life, and trying to be perfect all the time. But once a month I was completely sidelined by heavy bleeds, random mood changes, and cramps. Oh, the cramps… It took burning out for me to realize that maybe these negative things I associated with my cycle were actually signs from my body, that maybe I had looked at the wrong sources to get my life perfect. Maybe the simple 3-step guides for successful people were not meant for someone like me - someone who has a menstrual cycle.

Luckily, I found a way out of this negative monthly pattern - and you can, too!

Learning about my cycle phases changed everything: I learned how 5 minutes of mindful cycle tracking each day could help me identify & accept my ups and my downs, set healthier boundaries, and empower me to create the life I truly desired. The more I found out, the more I wanted to know, and the more I learned, the more I wanted to share this information. This is how I’ve curated this masterclass over the past 3 years.

Are you ready?

  • Are you ready to say goodbye to mood & energy swings?

  • Are you ready to kick PMS, cramping, and heavy bleeding out the door?

  • Are you ready to live a more fulfilled life & (re-)claim your cyclical nature?

In this 1,5 hour class, you will learn

  • why integrating your menstrual cycle into your (already) busy life can be a total game changer,

  • how to track and recognize your unique cycle patterns, without creating more stress,

  • and how to utilize your hormones to create your healthiest & happiest life!

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    Learn about your menstrual cycle: the phases, the hormones, & the changes.

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    Leave perfectionism and performance pressures behind.

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    Live with your hormones, instead of just managing their symptoms.

Masterclass: Living with your cycle

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Photo by Alexander Suhorucov from Pexels