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May 28, 2023

Reclaiming your menstrual health

In this article, we'll explore the power of embracing a cyclical and slow life, reclaiming our ovulatory cycle as an act of rebellion against centuries of shame, and unlocking the true potential of our fifth vital sign. Are you ready to join the revolution? Let's go!

In a world that often overlooks the magic and wisdom of menstrual (/ovulatory) cycles, it's high time we reclaim our menstrual health and recognize it as the fifth vital sign that it is. Our bodies have been talking to us all along, offering valuable insights into our overall well-being.

  • A healthy ovulatory cycle is connected to our:
    • bone density

    • blood sugar levels

    • skin & hair health

    • risk of developing conditions such as PCOS or type-2 diabetes

    • and our entire endocrine health, in general.

  • Healthy, natural ovulation not only affects our fertility, it also predicts when our next period will start and how long our cycle is.

  • On top of that, It is closely correlated with our cortisol levels: when we are stressed, we (generally) ovulate later, making our entire cycle longer.

Practical tip:

Choosing to listen to the signals our body is constantly sending us means avoiding hormonal birth control, which is not always possible for everyone. But with research constantly advancing, we have multiple other options and more on the way. Fertility awareness isn’t necessarily for everyone, although it is a wonderful daily mindfulness practice to get to know your body better.

The Baba Yaga Cycle Coach empowers you to listen for and decode these messages, helping you prioritize your menstrual health for a happier, healthier you.

Embracing a cyclical and slow life: more than biohacking

Gone are the days of rushing through life, trying to keep up with the fast-paced demands of a linear world that often forgets the beauty of being in sync with nature's cycles. Embracing a cyclical and slow life allows us to honor our body's innate wisdom and find balance in our hectic lives. Syncing with our infradian rhythms (menstrual cycle, moon cycles, and the seasons), in addition to our daily sun cycle - the circadian rhythm - will not only lead us to discover the beauty of our cyclical nature, but will also lead us to a healthier lifestyle.

In a world obsessed with quick fixes and biohacking, it's time to shift our focus to a more sustainable and empowering approach: living with our cycle. Biohacking may offer short-term gains, but it often neglects the uniqueness and wisdom of our bodies. Pushing through a low-energy phase just to make a work deadline is not sustainable in the long run. Especially if it means that we continually bypass the downturn our hormonal cycle gives us for much-needed rest, reflection, and inner work.

With cycle syncing®, we tap into the ebb and flow of our menstrual cycle, allowing our self-care practices, exercise routines, and nutrition choices to move with our hormonal fluctuations. When we understand the different phases we go through each cycle, we can even start to sync our family, work, and sex lives accordingly.

The Baba Yaga Cycle Coach can become your trusted ally, guiding you to make informed choices each and every day, and unlocking the true potential of your cyclical nature.

Initiation into the life-death-rebirth cycle: true empowerment

For far too long, the menstrual cycle has been shrouded in shame, secrecy, and misinformation. Beliefs about periods have ranged widely throughout history: from being a well-respected sign of fertility in Sumeria and Ancient Egypt, to being seen as a dangerous, debilitating, and often evil or polluting sign of sinfulness. Periods have for the largest part of modern civilization been treated as a (psycho-)symptomatic condition, closely connected to the concept of womanhood as a whole, pathologized, and as a result highly medicalized. They have often been used to prove the biological inferiority of people with uteruses, excluding them from public and political life.

Menarche, our first period, is today often still seen as an initiation into womanhood. Disentangling periods from womanhood and reclaiming the biological significance of ovulatory cycles beyond just fertility, are two very powerful tools with which we will not only eliminate period shame, but also fight against the age-old misinformation that has led to medical gaslighting and mistreatment of people with uteruses.

This inner revolution will also help us feel more connected to the cycle of life on this planet. The archetypal, energetic cycle of life, death, and rebirth happens all around us in nature and thanks to our hormones, also within us. Observing this never-ending cycle can in itself be an act of liberation and self-empowerment.

The Baba Yaga Cycle Coach initiates you into the mystical life-death-rebirth cycle, teaching you what to look out for in your daily mindfulness practice and how to live by your own body’s wisdom.

The empowerment journey

Reclaiming and prioritizing our menstrual & ovulatory health is an active rebellion against the hierarchical, capitalist paradigms that we live in today. We have the power to shape our own destiny, make conscious choices that align with our true nature, and take back control over our own health and well-being.

The Baba Yaga Cycle Coach empowers us to reclaim our menstrual health, embrace a cyclical and slow life, and revolutionize our well-being. It's time to rise above the shame, celebrate our bodies, and step into our power.

Ready to join the revolution?


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