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Mindful cycle

November 24, 2023

Unveiling the power of mindfulness and inner work through your menstrual cycle

Welcome to a journey that transcends the ordinary - your menstrual cycle. In this exploration, we dare to challenge the status quo and redefine the narrative around menstruation. If you're someone who takes both your physical and mental health seriously, you're in the right place. Prepare to unravel the tapestry of your inner world as we delve into the realms of mindfulness, cycle syncing, and the profound landscapes of Jungian and positive psychology.

Embracing the symphony of mindfulness and menstrual health

Picture this: a serene pond, undisturbed by ripples, reflecting the depths of the surrounding forest. This is the essence of mindfulness - a state of calm awareness, an oasis in the chaos of modern life. Now, envision syncing this mindfulness with the ebb and flow of your menstrual cycle.

Mindfulness, the art of being present in the moment without judgment, is not just a fleeting practice but a way of life. As we harmonize mindfulness with our menstrual rhythm, we tap into an intuitive guide for navigating the ever-shifting currents of our emotions and energy levels. It's about tuning into the whispers of our bodies, and acknowledging the gentle tides within.

The dance of cycle syncing: Your revolutionary companion

Step onto the dance floor of cycle syncing, where your menstrual cycle takes center stage as the choreographer of your well-being. This isn't just about period tracking; it's an invitation to align your daily activities with the subtle shifts in energy and mood throughout your cycle.

Your cycle is a compass, pointing you towards tailored self-care and community-care practices. During the follicular phase, the energy surges like a spring breeze, encouraging bold initiatives and adventures (related also to your inner work). In contrast, the luteal phase invites a more introspective approach, akin to the autumn leaves gracefully descending - time for reflection, restoration, and integration.

Baba Yaga, your devoted cycle coach, goes beyond period tracking: She's your backstage pass to a daily mood check-in that transcends the mundane. This is mindfulness the cyclical way, an intimate dialogue with your inner world.
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Jungian and positive psychology: Archetypes and positivity in menstrual wellness

From the realms of Jungian and positive psychology, we learn how archetypal figures - the Heroine, the Sage, the Lover - play their roles in the grand theater of our life. Understanding these archetypes, can unravel the mysteries of our inner world. Positive psychology adds a problem-solving lens, urging us to focus on our strengths and virtues, instead of over-analyzing our inner blocks.

As we weave these threads into the fabric of menstrual wellness, we discover that our menstrual cycle is not a linear narrative but an ever-evolving story with archetypal characters. The Heroine may emerge during ovulation, courageous and vibrant, while the Sage takes the spotlight in the reflective dark days right before menstruation.

Shadow work: Illuminating the unseen pathways

Your psyche is a moonlit garden, where shadows dance beneath the silver glow. These shadows represent the unexplored corners of your minds - the fears, traumas, suppressed emotions, as well as your hidden potential. Shadow work, a lantern in hand, guides you through this garden, illuminating the unseen pathways, casting light on what's hidden.

Menstrual wellness can support you in confronting your shadows, to peel back the layers of self, acknowledging and healing the aspects you've kept in the dark. It's about embracing the full spectrum of existence, like a garden embracing both sunlight and shadow, blooming in authenticity.

Shame healing: A liberation from societal chains

Shed the cloak of societal expectations and shame surrounding menstruation. From early childhood on, many of us still learn to be secretive and embarrassed by our periods. Our journey into shame healing involves exposure and a gentle unveiling of the truth. Embracing the natural potency of your menstrual cycle and standing unburdened, will liberate you from these societal chains.

The power of inner work: A holistic tapestry unveiled

Stand with us at the crossroads of mindfulness, cycle syncing, Jungian and positive psychology, shadow work and shame healing. This is the intersection of inner work - a holistic approach that transcends the boundaries of conventional wellness.

This journey is an intricate tapestry, each thread representing a facet of your being. Menstrual wellness, through the lens of inner work, is not a destination but a continuous evolution - a masterpiece woven with the threads of self-discovery.

So, how does this look in practice? Each of your cycle phases comes with a unique set of gifts for and challenges in your inner healing work, highlighting where you hold onto old stories around enough-ness, and at the same token, equipping you with the necessary focus and psychological tools to address and integrate your wounds. All you have to do is quiet down, listen to your emotional body, believe the sensations you're noticing in your body, and surrender to the experience.

  • Your period is a great time to slow down, in general, and it also invites you to the energy of release. Trauma often shows up as period pains. The question to ask yourself at this time is “What do I need to let go of with this bleed?”

  • The follicular days before your ovulation come with an energy of forward momentum. Old psychological wounds can show up as anxiety. This is a great time to work with your inner child around holding more enjoyment, activity, or fulfillment.

  • The first few luteal days after ovulation are often accompanied by a fear of abundance and receiving love. You have the opportunity to create a physical and mental safe space. Ask yourself “How can I create safety for new life in me?” - where new life can be both literal in the form of a baby and figurative as in a creative project.

  • Your pre-mentstrual phase is when it can get darker, with radical truth being your main energy. Blocks can show up as overwhelming emotions and the (inner) voice of (self-)criticism. If you're familiar with those more intrusive fears and stories, you can ask yourself this: “In which area(s) of my life have I been feeling silenced or suppressed?” and “Which feelings want to be fully expressed right now?”

* This article and the tips in it are not intended to act as a substitution for professional, psychological and therapeutic work.

Your invitation to holistic well-being

As we conclude our odyssey into the realms of menstrual wellness, we extend an invitation. Join us on this transformative journey, syncing with the rhythm of your menstrual cycle, embracing the power of mindfulness, and diving into the depths of inner work. Baba Yaga stands as your ally, offering the tools to navigate this uncharted terrain.

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This is a call to action. It's a reminder that your well-being is a tapestry of experiences, emotions, and cycles - a masterpiece waiting to be unveiled. Sync with us, sync with yourself, and let the journey towards holistic well-being begin. The path is yours to walk, and the destination is a life lived in harmony with the symphony of your being.