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This is not just another period tracking app…

August 14, 2022

There are so many period tracking apps out there. Do we really need another one?

My name is Natalie Stoemmer and my answer is: Yes!

  • No other app gives you this many practical tips to integrate into your daily life.

  • No other app analyzes your unique cycle patterns with such intuitive graphs & statistics.

  • No other app takes your privacy and safety this seriously.

Tracking your cycle should be fun and fast, gaining insights from your own cycle patterns should be simple and direct, and planning your life according to your hormones should be straightforward and easy.

But the reality often looks differently: If I want to schedule a meeting with my boss to discuss my next salary raise, for instance, I have to open my calendar app, my cycle tracking app, a book about how my cycle phases affect my life, and my work calendar. Finding the perfect days can easily become a crazy-complicated task…

Talking to hundreds of other busy people with periods over the last few years, I realized I’m not alone.

This is why, we decided to build an app that fixes most of these problems!

Ask yourself:

  • Have you ever looked forward to a party, that when the time came you suddenly felt too tired to attend and can’t even remember why you wanted to go in the first place?

  • Have you ever sat in a meeting to discuss job performance and a salary raise after which you thought “Hmm, that could have gone better last week!”

  • Have you ever accidentally started a fight with your partner, only to realize too late that you probably have your hormones to blame for that?

The Baba Yaga Cycle Advisor will solve those issues for you! Think of it not just as another period tracker, but rather your very own personal cycle horoscope, taking your tracked data and turning it into useful, every-day tips and hacks to make your life easier.

  • A fun and clean app, helping you to integrate your life with your hormones.

  • A daily mindfulness practice, reminding you to focus on your self-awareness.

  • A practical planning tool, empowering you to become your best and most natural self.

  • A reliable source of information for all your cycle needs, alerting you to your cycle patterns.

  • An app that actually takes your privacy seriously - we will never sell your data to anyone, there are no ads, and all of your sensitive data lives in the home of the GDPR, Western Europe!

Imagine a World in which all people who experience a menstrual cycle are fully empowered by honoring their true nature, living in sync with their mind-body connection, and staying true to their energy levels.

This is what we want to achieve with Baba Yaga.

Because your menstrual cycle is not just another aspect of life that needs managing... For far too long, the menstrual cycle has been ignored; periods have been made a nuisance, and feminine-embodied daily life has been forced into a linear world. Your menstrual cycle determines many aspects of your day-to-day life, how you function, and can tell you what you need.

This app helps you to integrate your life into your natural rhythm, not the other way around!

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Photo by cottonbro from Pexels