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Embracing the ebb and flow

August 22, 2023

Why do I get mood swings?

We've all been there – one moment you're dancing with joy, and the next, you're battling tears over a dropped sandwich. If you've ever wondered why these mood swings come around like clockwork, join us on a journey that blends science, ancient wisdom, and a dash of magic to unravel the enigma of mood swings during your menstrual cycle.

The science behind mood swings

Let's start with the basics: hormones. Yes, those microscopic molecules that can throw your emotions into a frenzy without you even realizing it. During your menstrual cycle, your body goes through a hormonal symphony, led by estrogen and progesterone. These two playmakers take center stage, influencing your mood, energy levels, and even how you perceive the world around you.

In the first half of your cycle, estrogen takes the lead. It's like the sunshine that makes you feel vibrant and ready to take on the world. But as your cycle progresses and you near your period, estrogen starts to take a bow, and progesterone steps in. Progesterone is like your calming guru, encouraging you to slow down and embrace a more reflective state.

Now, here's where it gets interesting. As these hormones do their dance, they can mess with your brain's neurotransmitters – those fancy chemicals that pass messages between nerve cells. One of these messengers, serotonin, has a starring role in regulating mood. When estrogen takes a step back and progesterone steps up, serotonin levels can drop, potentially leaving you feeling like you're on an emotional roller coaster.

Ancient wisdom and emotional signaling

While science explains the mechanics behind mood swings, ancient wisdom adds a touch of depth to the story. In cultures of old, menstruation wasn't hushed behind closed doors; it was celebrated as a sacred time of intuition and transformation. Imagine embracing your emotions not as nuisances, but as guides showing you the path to self-care and growth.

Long before smartphones and apps, our ancestors recognized that emotions were like secret messages from the body. Instead of brushing off sadness or frustration, they listened to these signals, understanding that they might be whispering about the need to slow down or make changes in their lives. It's a perspective that encourages us to view our mood swings not as weaknesses, but as opportunities to fine-tune our well-being.

The role of lifestyle and self-care

Now that we've got the science and ancient wisdom under our belts, let's talk about practical steps you can take to sail through these emotional waves. Your body isn't just a vessel for hormones – it's a temple of well-being that thrives on self-care.

During the sunny days of your cycle's first half, indulge in activities that align with your increased energy levels. Go for a hike, dance like nobody's watching, or try out that new recipe you've been eyeing. As you transition into the second half and the mood landscape shifts, embrace calming practices like yoga, meditation, or simply snuggling up with a good book.

Empowerment through understanding

Now, here's where we introduce a revolutionary ally: the Baba Yaga app. Imagine having a cycle coach in your pocket, guiding you through the ups and downs of your emotions and helping you embrace your cycle's wisdom. This app isn't just about predicting when your mood swings might pop up; it's about understanding yourself on a whole new level.

Baba Yaga Period & cycle tracking app mood analysis
Baba Yaga mood analysis

Think of it as a digital bridge between ancient insights and modern technology. Our whole mission is about eradicating shame from the menstrual cycle. You'll track your moods, learn how your hormones ebb and flow, and receive personalized tips for nurturing yourself through every phase. It's like having your very own wellness wizard, showing you how to dance in harmony with your body's natural rhythms.

Embracing the ebb and flow

So, why do you get mood swings? It's a symphony of hormones, a dance between ancient wisdom and modern science, and a call to embrace the journey. Instead of shying away from those emotional waves, ride them like a pro. Let sadness be your cue for introspection, anger your invitation to set boundaries, and joy your reminder to celebrate life's moments.

As you navigate this path of self-discovery and empowerment, remember that you're not alone. Our holistic menstrual health app is here to be your guide, your confidante, and your companion. It's time to rewrite the narrative around mood swings – from taboo to transformation, from confusion to clarity. Embrace the ebb and flow, and let the journey begin. Download the app, sign up for our newsletter, and embark on a voyage that celebrates every emotion and empowers you to live in sync with your remarkable menstrual cycle.