Three diverse women wearing Baba Yaga Lifestyle apparel.

Baba Yaga Lifestyle

May 13, 2023

This holistic merchandise rasises awareness for menstrual health
You are a total hormone hero!

And your powers are coming from within - your menstrual cycle, to be exact.

Shame is so last year - it is high time we celebrate our period!

With Baba Yaga Lifestyle we’re bringing you t-shirts and accessories to raise awareness for menstrual health education, period shame, and period poverty. And the best part?! You guys are co-creating these designs with us!

Vote for your favorite designs on Instagram & enter our merch give-away raffle for Menstrual Health May!

Baba Yaga Lifestyle is taking a unique approach to raising awareness about menstrual health. Rather than focusing solely on the physical aspects of menstruation, we’re encouraging you to live in sync with your cyclical nature, not against it or merely despite it. Baba Yaga Lifestyle is empowering you to be proud of your menstrual cycle and the daily changing hormone powers it grants you.

Assorted period positive Baba Yaga Lifestyle merchandise including a white favicon mug, pins and a handbag. A young girl wearing a Baba Yaga logo hoodie.

Our founder, Natalie, has been dealing with dreadful periods herself for years, before she finally just learned to honour her cycle, live in sync with the different cycle phases, and plan her life according to her hormones - rather than existing despite them.

It’s beyond time to wear our periods proudly! It definitely helps that these designs are funny and unique.”

This makes them perfect for anyone who loves to make a statement with their clothing.

But perhaps the most important thing about Baba Yaga Lifestyle is how we’ll use the profits from these sales to further the cause of menstrual health education and advocacy. Every penny earned is directly invested into the development and ongoing support of the Baba Yaga period & cycle coaching app for all people who have periods.

In a world where menstrual health education is sorely lacking and period shame is all too common, Baba Yaga Lifestyle is a refreshing and much-needed addition to the conversation. By promoting menstrual health education and advocating for an empowering, cyclical approach to living with periods, Baba Yaga Lifestyle is helping to make the world a better, more inclusive place for everyone.

  • Support menstrual health awareness.

So get some bloody beautiful period-positive merchandise to support us on our mission of empowered periods for everyone!

Assorted period positive Baba Yaga Lifestyle merchandise featuring a Baba Yaga logo sticker, a red trucker cap with "Bloody Witch" label, a fanny pack with "Bloody Witch" label, a Baba Yaga logo mug, a Baba Yaga Thermos jug and a "Feelin cute" T-shirt.