starry night with moon phases

Embracing the inner cosmic rhythm

September 5, 2023

In the intricate tapestry of existence, our bodies are attuned to ancient rhythms that echo through time. Just as the moon waxes and wanes, our menstrual cycles weave through phases that quietly influence our daily lives, career trajectories, spiritual connections, mental harmony, and overall vitality. It's a dance with the universe that speaks to the very core of our being. In this exploration, we'll unfurl the captivating phases of your menstrual cycle, drawing from the moon's grace and scientific findings. Ready to unveil how each phase imparts profound insights for a holistic, fulfilled life?

new moon

Menstrual phase - inner new moon: Embrace the reset

Imagine the quiet power of the new moon, a time when darkness envelops the sky, and the cosmos rests. This is akin to your menstrual phase, a period of profound introspection and renewal. Much like the moon's retreat, your body signals the need for inward focus: your hormones are at their lowest levels. It's not merely a bodily release, but an emotional shedding, a chance to cast off burdens and make space for new dreams and ideas. Embrace self-care rituals like a cocoon, inviting you to soothe and rejuvenate.

In the realm of your career, consider this your strategic pause. Just as the moon appears absent, your visibility recedes. Embrace tasks that don't demand the spotlight - conceptualizing, brainstorming, strategizing - behind-the-scenes work. It's the perfect time to connect with your inner compass, recalibrating your professional trajectory.

On a spiritual plane, this phase beckons you to tune into your essence. As the moon renews itself, so can you. Engage in mindfulness practices, meditations, or rituals that nourish your spiritual self. Keep a dream journal or start a practice of morning pages. Your mental health flourishes as you release the weight, just as the moon surrenders its glow.

Reflective questions

  • What is something that I would like to manifest?

  • Which issues are breaking my heart lately?

  • What is a deep yearning of mine?

  • What's an idea or dream I never let myself entertain?

  • Who do I want to be this month?


I am making room for new things.

waxing moon

Pre-ovulatory phase - inner waxing crescent: Ignite the spark

Picture the crescent moon, its sliver of light growing each night. This mirrors your pre-ovulatory phase – a period of burgeoning energy and mental clarity. Your cognitive faculties are primed, making it a splendid interval for turning your strategies into actionable plans, setting goals, and getting started. Much like the moon's illumination, your thoughts are becoming clear and brilliant.

In the realm of your career, this is your time to shine. Just as the moon's sliver commands attention, your confidence surges. Take on projects that demand communication, innovation, and collaboration. Networking events, presentations, and strategic meetings align seamlessly with your inner radiance.

Spiritually, you're a beacon of insight. Harness this luminous phase to deepen your connection with your spiritual self. New meditation modalities, attending spiritual-philosophical classes, or engaging with thought-provoking literature resonate profoundly. Your mental health benefits from this luminosity as you find clarity in your thoughts and actions.

Reflective questions

  • What can I do to work towards my intention?

  • What are the tangible next steps to make my dreams come true?

  • What is one thing I can do today/this week to get started towards my vision?

  • How can I bring my goals into existence?

  • Where does this garden need water, and where does it need nutrients?


I am walking the walk.

full moon

Ovulation - inner full moon: Radiate your brilliance

Envision the full moon – its splendor gracing the night sky. This aligns with your ovulation, the crescendo of your cycle. Energy peaks, akin to the moon's zenith. Your charisma shines, and the world gravitates towards your magnetic aura. This is your moment to own your radiance, your inner full moon.

Professionally, you're at your zenith. Stake your claim, seize leadership roles, and engage in negotiations. Just as the full moon's brilliance captivates, your aura influences and inspires. Social interactions and networking are your fertile grounds.

Spiritually, you're the lighthouse guiding your ship. This phase invites you to trust your intuition, your inner wisdom. Connect with practices that open your heart and elevate your spirit, such as ecstatic dancing or a drumming workshop. Mentally, your confidence fuels your clarity, driving decision-making with a blend of logic and intuition.

Reflective questions

  • What am I grateful for?

  • How does it feel to have my dreams come into reality?

  • In what areas do I need to focus a little more?


I am in perfect alignment with the universe.

full moon

Post-ovulatory phase - inner waning gibbous: Reflect and review

Imagine the moon as it wanes, its luminosity diminishing. This mirrors your post-ovulatory phase – a time of introspection and refinement. Energy wanes, but emotional intelligence flourishes. Much like the moon's fading glow, your attention turns inward, and your insights deepen.

Career-wise, it's a period of evaluation. Review your progress, recalibrate goals, and refine your strategies. Just as the moon's glow dimly lights the night, your analytical prowess is illuminated. Utilize your burgeoning inner critic for good: get editing, organizing, cleaning.

Spiritually, you're peering into your soul's depths. Use this quiet phase for soul-searching, contemplation, and mindfulness. Emotional and mental wellbeing flourish as you untangle complexities, forging emotional connections and honing your innate understanding.

Reflective questions

  • Which priorities need my re-ordering?

  • What has been working well for me?

  • What needs adjustments, in the next cycle?

  • How can I take care of myself better?

  • If I get only one more thing done this cycle, what is it?


I love and accept myself unconditionally.

dark moon

Pre-menstrual phase - inner dark moon: Intuitive connection

Imagine the crescent moon growing fainter, darkness seeping in. This parallels your pre-menstrual phase – a time of heightened sensitivity and intuition. Your body and soul resonate with the world's vibrations. Much like the moon's dim crescent, your introspective nature is illuminated.

In your career, introspection guides you. Use this phase for detailed tasks, revisiting ideas, and tying up loose ends. Your emotional intelligence is at its prime – conversations are nuanced, relationships are nurtured. Just as the moon's shadow heralds a new cycle, this is your chance to resolve and renew.

Spiritually, you're attuned to your essence. Engage in practices that resonate with your soul – art, music, journaling. Your mental health thrives as you embrace the calm before renewal, making peace with the past and embracing the future.

Reflective Questions

  • What emotions need feeling right now?

  • What have I been suppressing or pushing away?

  • How can I lean into my inner darkness, just for today?

  • Where do I see room for improvement?

  • What have I been wanting to say, but never quite let myself?


I am descending, only to rise stronger.

Embrace your lunar symphony

In the grand orchestration of life, your menstrual cycle harmonizes with the moon's rhythms, guiding you through phases rich with insights. As the moon's dance shapes tides, your cycle influences your daily life, career path, spirituality, and mental health. Through embracing this cosmic rhythm, you'll embark on a journey of empowerment and vitality.

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